Decadent Cake Tasting – 26 May 2018

by | May 15, 2018 | Events

WHAT: Enjoy a fun, decadent cake tasting afternoon with friends

WHERE: At Continental Restaurant

WHEN: On 26 May 2018 from 15h00 to 17h00

Every participant will be served a selection of 7 different decadent cakes to taste:

1. Southern Red Velvet Cake x 1 – Moist and velvety chocolate cake, layered with a smooth and delicious cream cheese and lemon frosting and garnished with crusted tree nuts and coconut macaroons
2. Chocolate Velvet Slice – Velvety moist and decadent chocolate cake, layered with smooth apricot jam and chocolate ganache, topped with fine chocolate shavings
3. Mini New York Baked Cheesecake – a decadent thick cream cheese and double cream, baked to perfection on a traditional golden oat biscuit base. Absolutely delicious
4. White Chocolate Coconut Slice – Moist coconut cake layered with a smooth and decadent white chocolate and coconut ganache, garnished with crushed tree nuts and coconut macaroons
5. Carrot Cake – carrot cake, rich and fruity torte made with grated carrots, seasonal tree nuts and raisins, layered with a decadent cream cheese and lemon frosting and white chocolate shavings
6. Danish Pastries
7. Custard Slices

We will have a score card and the most popular cakes will be on our menu for the next month!

Cost is R120 per person, that includes coffee/tea or cappuccino per person.

Book your spot now to enjoy laughter and sweet joy! Only 38 seats available, so don’t delay!

Call us on 046 648 1153.

We look forward to sharing the afternoon with you!

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