The Continental Story

MEET Eugene & Ruleen

After spending 30 plus years in the Pharmaceutical industry at Management level, CEO and MD of Bristol Myers Convatec and Clairol division as well as 10 years with a local Medical Aid Managed Healthcare company I had had enough of Boardrooms and the strain of frequent travel.

Underlying to this was a hankering to be involved in the food and service industry. What made things easier was the fact that my wife Ruleen had the same love for food and satisfaction of creating an environment where good food prevails and service fits like a glove. Ruleen, a registered nurse and Managed Care Hospital services manager in her last corporate job had the same desire. Ruleen who owns her own Healthcare Consulting company, and foodie of note took the plunge with me to buy a small Greek import export company in Gauteng.

Our core business was olives, olive oils and a vast range of Greek delicacies and specialities which were imported for sale mainly to the Greek community and also South Africans who had travelled and enjoyed the Mediterranean way of food and food preparation.

This little business required us to learn the detail of Greek Cuisine as the Greeks are very particular about the way food is prepared authentically or as is often referred to “as the way my mother cooked”. To this end we travelled to Greece twice a year buying new products and also visiting food shows in Greece and France. The international food show in Paris is well known for the large Greek component on offer.

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OUR food story

How did we migrate to being restauranteurs?

After 2 years in the import business and armed with all the delicacies in stock in our store the next logical thing to do was to expand the business into delivering all these wonderful flavours directly to the table. 

By now we had also developed not only a pallet for Mediterranean food but a sound knowledge of preparation and methods of preparation.

So… we opened what was meant to be a six table coffee shop in Farrarmere, Benoni.

This beautifully designed and built venue was designed by me and Ruleen.

And so Lesvos Restaurant was born. The six tables quickly mushroomed from 24 seats to seating 130 people per sitting and some 400 to 450 meals at busy times.

The menu proved to be very popular and the Greek community soon started rewarding these 2 boertjies who took the time to learn and understand the Greek way of relaxing with food as well as the authenticity of our cooking with their patronage. Wedding anniversaries, 50th birthdays and the like were held by Greeks in our restaurant.

The biggest reward of all was to be listed as one of the “ 9 gems of dining”  in greater Johannesburg by a ghost diner!

OUR inspiration

Time to reset the vision and direction:

After selling the two Greek businesses and moving to Kenton on Sea we focussed on our core businesses, Kenton Garage, with the filling station and Supermarket on the one hand and Ruleen’s health care business on the other.

It wasn’t long before the food bug showed up again☺ ☺ ☺ ☺.

As part of the 5 year plan for our newly acquired Filling station we opened a Supermarket and having spotted a gap in the market opened our Kenton Fisheries Take Away at the Garage. This paved the way for our Kenton Fried Chicken outlet two years later.

This whole development was followed by the acquisition of the “next door” building in 2016. 

Having bought the building with the VOLO and SLOTS businesses we were left with a furniture outlet, which we soon realised wasn’t in our blood.

One thing lead to another and CONTINENTAL RESTAURANT opened its doors on the 27th of November 2016.

Our Restaurant and facility:

A major investment in equipment and stock +- R900,000 sees this new venture positioned as a dining experience with a difference. Our offering is built on service, exceptionally clean surrounds, best in class equipment and staffing that understand the culture we are aspiring to. A culture of customer orientated dishes supported by an above average selection of wines by Coastal standards.

A facility that is the only fully air conditioned Restaurant in Kenton on Sea. Continental Restaurant is comfortable in summer and cosy in winter.

What features on the menu:

You will find a selection of meat, poultry and sea food that would suite anyone’s taste including some of the specialised offerings such as Vegetarian and Vegan.

Most if not all our menu items are tried and tested at home to start with and then our kitchen staff are trained in order to keep the home grown taste in the industrial kitchen. Essentially our staff is selected with exactly that in mind – all people who have a love for food and how it’s presented to our diners.

OUR menu development

Having worked internationally during my tenure in the Pharmaceutical business I have always judged my experience of a country on the food and dishes of the region. Having worked for 4 years in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka some 3 years exposed to the European style of cooking and me and Ruleen’s love for different and special food we have a vast library of experience in our memories and love for presenting these special food experiences on the plate. 

Our kitchen is run on our own standard and instruction with staff that understand the requirement that we have of the end product.

Having recently travelled to the Czech-Republic and Austria we have great ideas for our next and new menu offering. All our dishes are chosen on the basis that it embraces simple but complex flavours in a way that is enjoyable and scrumptious to the taste buds.

Well aged quality cuts of beef, best possible selection of sea food, and fresh spice and herbs to package our product delicately for the palate of our diner.

OUR suppliers

We hand select our suppliers and only those that are prepared to maintain our standard of requirement will be used.

So… a love and passion for food coupled to the willingness and ability of making our food business a way of life is what me and Ruleen are all about. 

All our travels and experiences are based on making memories that can be shared on the plate with you, our customer.

In our quest for new ideas we do travel pretty extensively so, follow us on Facebook and stay in touch (on our blog or subscribe to our newsletter) for an update from time to time.

We will be sharing new recipes with you on our blog, so please don’t hesitate to join us and try out these recipes for your own table as well.

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